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Premium Strategies Inc. is a Private Real Estate Investment Firm in the Central Florida region. Our hands-on approach and proven track record of finding homes and matching them with suitable cash buyers allows our investors to get immediate access to EXTREMELY DISCOUNTED FLORIDA PROPERTIES that are 40-70% UNDER MARKET VALUE.

CASH BUYERS ARE WELCOME!! Our flexible financing options are tailored to your specific needs. We ensure that our partners are making safe and profitable investments, while also getting great deals on CHEAP HOMES AND DISTRESSED PROPERTIES in the Central Florida market. Whether your intention is to fix and flip, or fix-flip and hold our targeted marketing approach is guaranteed to find the best FORECLOSED HOMES, INVESTMENT PROPERTIES AND DISTRESSED PROPERTIES for sale in Central Florida. Become one of our preferred investors and get instant access to our exclusive list of properties TODAY!

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Our hassle-free five step process ensures that our clients are approached with sound investments that have been thoroughly researched, vetted and analyzed to best suit your needs. We thoroughly assess the seller’s motivation, through our market analysis of the property’s current conditions and after repair value.

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“ Navigating through the process of selling my home in a limited amount of time was difficult, but Premium Strategies was there every step of the way, they were fast, efficient and reliable! ”- Carmen. B

“ Definitely received premium customer service and expertise, top-notch all around! ”- Melissa. A